College Graduation

Sunday, May 24, 2015

I'M OFFICIALLY A COLLEGE GRADUATE Y'ALL! Obviously I'm a little late posting, but the real world leaves a little less spare time than a full-time college semester. It honestly still doesn't feel real. I deleted my Georgia Southern app off my phone a few days after graduation, but it still feels like I should be logging into Folio multiple times a day.

Today was the beginning of my second week at my new job (Buddy's Home Furnishings), where I'm a manager in training (MIT). I feel so incredibly blessed to have found a job in Statesboro that I was able to start so soon after graduation. Zach and I will be able to save my paychecks this summer since all of our expenses are already budgeted out and in our bank account, AND our apartment's rent is already paid until move out! So hopefully we'll be able to afford furniture as soon as we move into the townhouse :)

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