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Sunday, April 19, 2015

I honestly can't believe how much has changed since this time last year. Zach had only been working for the football team a few short weeks and yesterday I watched as he received his first CHAMPIONSHIP RING. I never could have hoped for such an amazing inaugural season into the Sun Belt Conference, much less that Zach would even have the opportunity to be a part of it. I remember when he sent the email asking for an opportunity to be a student assistant. I could've never dreamed that one email could change so much.

For me, today meant so much more than a glitzy championship ring- it was a landmark event for Zach. For the past year, he's put so much time and energy into something that he's 100% passionate about, and he's gained even more in return. He's a completely different person than he was freshman and sophomore year of college. He's completely confident in himself and his ability to accomplish his goals and build the life he wants for himself. He's no longer the insecure boy that's yearning for approval from others. He approves of himself now- he's proud of himself and that means it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

Yes, I've spent countless nights eating dinner alone. Yes, we've had to cancel plans because work has to come first. Yes, I've felt like a single puppy-mama during the football season while he traveled and lived out of the office- but I really don't mind. Regardless of anything else, I feel blessed just to be a part of his journey. He's chasing his dream and becoming a stronger person- that's what today was about. And that's what that glitzy ring symbolizes. He set his mind to something, he's yet to turn back, and I truly hope he never does.

And here's a video from the BBQ today after the spring game when he received his ring. Watch until the end- you get to see him walking back with it :)

Oh, and a picture from the spring game. Zach's parents saw it on the Georgia Southern Athletics facebook page and I HAD to save it. I may be a little biased, but Coach Bell is definitely the best looking khaki-wearer.

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