New York City - Day 3, Part 1

Monday, January 26, 2015

My body seems to always reject a good time. I always get sick (or something unfortunate happens) on trips. Never fails. I woke up in the middle of our second night to use the bathroom. I glanced in the mirror and had to do a double take. My face was SWOLLEN and itchy. All of it, especially around my eyes. I just assumed it was a reaction from the makeup remover wipes I had bought for the trip. Luckily we had tylenol that we'd bought the day before (standing all day while we waited for Jimmy Fallon was a KILLER on my back- go figure), so I was able to take something for the swelling. Do you even take that for an allergic reaction? HA!

I woke up and my face wasn't much better. Come to find out, my skin had just taken a beating from all the wind and extreme cold temperatures (CHAPPED). It took two weeks after we got back home for it to return to normal- super flaky and dry. So please excuse my fat face in the following pictures. I swear I didn't gain ten pounds in my face over a two day period.

Day 3, Part 1 Journal:
My legs haven't looked this good since fitness walking freshman year- all we'd done is walk, walk, walk the entire trip, and we were facing our heaviest walking day yet. Of course my feet were killing me- these boots weren't made for walking, contrary to popular belief. We started the day with a visit to Central Park. We visited Bow Bridge and then the Belvedere Castle. It was just too cold to stop anywhere else in Central Park, so we got back on the subway and went to Brooklyn for lunch.

If you're ever in Brooklyn you MUST go to Grimaldi's for pizza! It was massive and probably our cheapest meal of the trip. Zach and I ordered a small pizza (they don't sell slices), and it was more than enough for both of us. We got there right as they opened, but it was full by the time we left. Brooklyn was an interesting place. All we heard once we got off the subway and throughout lunch were sirens. I couldn't help but laugh every time we heard one.

We took our full bellies to walk the Brooklyn Bridge after. It was a KILLER. The wind was unreal! Honestly we didn't get to enjoy it that much because of the piercing cold. We tried wrapping our scarves around our faces like everyone else, but we couldn't get ours to stay by themselves. Of course, I lost a glove so I only had one good hand to hold my scarf up with, and I couldn't alternate hands like Zach.

By the time we made it to the other side, we were exhausted. We went back to the hotel to refresh and regain our strength. We ended up sprawling out on the bed and watching our episode of Jimmy Fallon on Zach's iPad. We're basically famous now.. my white beanie made it so easy to spot ourselves in the audience!

Chinatown was a must-see for me. I used to be obsessed with the Amanda Byne's movie "What a Girl Wants," which shows a scene of Chinatown in the beginning. Let me tell ya, Chinatown looks nothing like it does in that movie. There aren't little Chinese kids running through the streets with kites or fun, catchy music playing in the background. In reality, it's just tons of little souvenir shops with Chinese women standing on the street corners saying, "Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors?" repeatedly in thick Chinese accents. Zach hated it, but I still thought it was charming.


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