Thanksgiving Cruise - Nassau, Bahamas

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Our second and final stop was in Nassau- absolutely beautiful, and of course I've always wanted to visit. We wanted to tour the island rather than than spend all of our time on the beaches, so we hired a tour guide to show us around. I am all about experiencing the culture of the places I visit (I talk like I'm a world traveler or something- ha!), so I was super excited that our tour guide was a local.

We saw everything- the major landmarks, the local's market full of handmade souvenirs, the homes middle-class locals live in, and even the poorer areas. It is such a beautiful country with so much heritage- and even its fair share of problems. Our tour guide didn't paint a pretty picture and hide the truth. He told us what life was like- how expensive gas and a gallon of milk are. And trust me, it's not something most Americans would be able to afford. I believe he said a gallon of gas was around $9, and a gallon of milk $6, or maybe vice-versa. Don't quote me on that, but the price tags were steep.

I was actually a little bummed when our tour was over. We spent around 3/4 hours with our tour guide, so I felt an emotional bond of some sort. I'm a weirdo, I know. He was just so precious, and he thanked us multiple times for helping him support his family (*tear!*).

^Starting the morning off right: ice cream cone after breakfast^

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