St. Simon's Island

Monday, August 25, 2014

Earlier this month we (The McFalls clan) squeezed in another week-long trip to St. Simon's Island. Unfortunately, Zach wasn't able to come. He was busy with football (I know what you're thinking- football is a year-round sport these days though), but luckily he was able to keep the bubbies while I was gone- AND they survived! (Even though the apartment smelled like a kennel when I returned, which is always a nice welcome home.) Anyways- this was only our second trip to the island, but it feels so much like a home away from home. This is probably due to Sherri and Randy allowing us to stay in their home on the island- so much more inviting than a hotel! Especially when dad's a cheapskate and the majority of the hotels we've stayed in on family trips have been a littleeee iffy..

We always walk the beach in the evenings with Gabby. I LOVE beach walks so so much- great legs and great memories are always the product of beach walks. They're probably my favorite part of the trip each time we come. Last year, evening beach walks we're Gabby's only experience with the beach, but this year we ventured out and set up camp on a more secluded beach (since they have a no-dog policy on the dates of our visit). Last year we were too nervous about breaking the rule, but we noticed no one seemed to care this time around so we took full advantage. Other people brought their dogs to the less-crowded beaches as well, so my rule-follower self was actually comfortable (and not panicking over the thought of "getting in trouble"- BIG step for me haha).

It rained the majority of our first day on the island, so our evening beach walk was our escape from a day of cable television. Luckily the weather cooperated for the rest of our vacay. As much as I missed Zach while we were gone, I think this trip tops last year's. Hopefully we'll have many more years of island getaways, and maybe one day I'll be able to talk dad into letting Laney and Lexi join us. Definitely wishful thinking, but I know the trips will be great nonetheless.

 ^Please notice Gabby's sand-covered snout^

^A boy and his dog (aka FAVORITE child)^

^I'm not that tan- they're just that white^

 ^Not sure how that sweet puppy-face hasn't brought world peace yet. And mom in those sunglasses is absolutely precious.^

Per usual, we took family photos at the park and beach before we packed up and headed home at the end of the week. Of course they were as stressful as usual, but you'd never know from the pictures. The group shots from the beach FLOPPED, so I won't be sharing those.


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