Savannah Day Trip

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Yesterday was my mama's birthday. Dad worked this weekend, so she made a trip down to visit Zach & I in Statesboro. Katie and Mawmaw tagged along so we could all celebrate together and catch up. Since Mawmaw hasn't been to Savannah, we decided to make a day trip and show her around. We walked the cobblestone streets (slowly, because mom's ankle is currently defective) so she could take in the atmosphere instead of being cooped-up in the car. We packed a lunch and ate in Forsyth Park and afterwards we took a few pictures in front of the fountain. Definitely the typical Savannah picture, but I know I'll cherish them forever!

When we returned to our apartment in Statesboro, Katie and I surprised (sorta) mama with a homemade cake. We baked it while she was in the shower that morning before we left for Savannah. The apartment totally smelled like a bakery, but of course mama didn't say anything. So we lit a few candles and started singing 'Happy Birthday' after we got back. Even though she was probably aware she was getting a cake, she acted surprised and had a big smile (not acting) on her face.

It's always sad when weekends come to an end, but it's even more sad saying goodbye when family comes to visit. I'm so thankful for these memories and I can't wait to plan their next trip down.

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