Peek Inside Our Apartment

Sunday, June 01, 2014

It only took 12453345252 years and 546786 Hobby Lobby trips, but the apartment is FINALLY presentable. I'm so pleased with how much better it looks- a stark comparison against my initial move-in reaction. (I basically had a mental breakdown, because the fixtures -and wood paneling under the bar- were not what I expected based on the four bedroom unit I rented the prior year.) I should decorate cheap apartments for a living. I can't even tell you how much my heart bursts when management stops by for routine checks (to make sure residents aren't destroying their units). They always say it's the nicest unit they've seen all day- which probably isn't even that big of a compliment considering how trashed most units are, but I'll take it!



Laundry Room:

^Mama's helpers :)^

Entry Hallway:

^We use these baskets as storage since we don't have a lot of cabinets/drawers in the kitchen. And they make this random shelf less awkward looking.^


Dining "Area":

^The wood paneling gives me violent urges^

Living Room:

Guest Room:

Master Bedroom:

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