Nashville, TN

Friday, August 16, 2013

Let me preface by saying: I. LOVE. NASHVILLE. Such a precious city full of so much culture and life. Zach and I were only there for a day, but we already plan on going back sometime in the future. The drive was about three and a half hours, which wasn't bad at all compared to our commute from home to Statesboro. And it was such a pretty drive. We woke up early and left so we could fit in several "activities" before the Grand Ole Opry. I somehow stumbled upon the Grand Ole Opry's website while at work one day and saw that JANA KRAMER was going to be performing. Zach and I are obsessed with her- we've loved her since finishing One Tree Hill on Netflix recently. I bought tickets immediately and we somehow managed to get the most amazing seats. I wanna say we were like nine rows from the stage? Amazing! 

Anyway- we started our day by visiting the Parthenon in Nashville. It was so cool to see in person after studying it in my art history class. Hopefully one day I'll make it to Greece and see the real one! (Doubtful..)

After the Parthenon we drove downtown and walked around- just sightseeing. There are so many boot shops! Zach tried on his first pair of cowboy boots and let me tell ya- if we weren't broke he would've left with a pair. He looked so precious in them!

P.S. The pictures were taken with my old Sony camera. Extremely unfortunate, but the Grand Ole Opry had rules about "professional" cameras. I was so afraid they wouldn't let me in with my new Nikon, so I didn't bring it. Of course literally EVERYONE had their nice Nikon cameras. (I had a dramatic toddler-like meltdown of course.) SO DEPRESSED. They at least turned out decent. It's just so hard going back to the Sony after getting use to the quality and control the Nikon provides. ANYWAY, Hope you enjoy the pictures from our day!

^Chris Janson. Totally worth looking up. He has so much energy on stage!^

^Keith Anderson^


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